Saturday, July 16, 2011

What's in a Geek Name?

A colleague was wearing an awesome DS9 t-shirt at the office the other day, and my complimenting him on it launched us into a discussion thread that went something like this:

  • I mentioned that my niece and her husband were considering the name Julian for their upcoming noob, and my feeling that if this were to be the first name, the middle name should be Bashir.
  • He wondered whatever happened to that actor, as he could not recall having seen him in anything beyond DS9.
  • I said that he was in that Oscar-nominated movie in the desert, with Matt Damon, but I couldn't remember the name.
  • He recalled that it was Syriana.
  • I described another movie he'd been in, that I couldn't remember the name of, but it was with Patricia Clarkson.  He didn't know who she was, so I mentioned The Station Agent, that she was in with that guy Peter whose last name I couldn't remember but I held my hand up at about 3.5 feet to indicate his height. I also said he was in that show with Carla Gugina, and of course I couldn't remember the name, but it was awesome.
  • I then excitedly recalled that he was in that show on BBC, where portals in time open up randomly and stuff comes through.
  • He rolled his eyes at me and proceeded to chastise me for not being able to remember the title Doctor Who.
  • I rolled my eyes further and chastised him that they don't use portals to time travel on Doctor Who, they use the TARDIS.  There are rifts in Doctor Who, but not portals.  Although possibly that fireplace to 18th century France could be classified as a portal.
  • He then correctly placed the show as Primeval, which he had never seen.
  • He left my office, and I was left secure in my geek status, even though I was having serious trouble remembering names.