Sunday, April 4, 2010

Four Raised Beds

I spent quite a bit of time, and some bit of money, at Lowes yesterday, equipping myself for the raised gardens. I'm traveling for business on Tuesday through Friday and am hoping to schedule a loam/compost delivery next Saturday, so today was building day.

After much perusing of bird things, garden things, lawn furniture and power tools, I grabbed a couple of boxes of exterior screws and twenty-four 1 inch x 12 inch x 4 foot boards, cashed out and loaded them all into Julie's Subaru. She took my smaller Mini Cooper to the golf course for the day and enjoyed driving in the sun with the top down.

Then I went back in for some bird seed, cracked corn and seeds for sweet basil, parsley and oregano. I know, I know - how many seed packets do I need? Clearly, I don't care to distinguish need from want at this point.

Once I got home, I decided to put off the actual construction until today. But today I got out there with my corded drill and outdoor extension cord (I longingly eyed the cordless drills yesterday but am sticking it out with my twenty-something year old Black and Decker that I received as a gift while in college), the boards, the box of screws, a kneeling pad, my iPod and headphones. And here are the results:

That's the little cherry tree to the right just above them.  It's budding out quite nicely.

Next weekend I'll line the beds with cardboard and newspapers, then haul up the loam/compost that will hopefully be in the driveway by then.

For those of you inclined towards mathematics - you're right.  Those are only sixteen boards, not the aforementioned twenty-four.  The remaining eight are for two raised beds in the front of the house, but I need to rake out very old (previous homeowner old) decorative mulch and unearth the landscaping plastic before I can put those beds in place, and I'm just too fracking worn out at this point.  But good for you for noticing.

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